Music Row/Gulch/WeHo

From Railroad yard to riches, the Gulch is downtown Nashville's most premier shopping and dining area. Now featuring the finest in “live, work, play” this development hosts local and visitor favorites such as Milk & Honey, The Pub, The W Hotel, Kittenish, Uncommon James, and so much more. In the Gulch you can also regularly find night markets, live music events, yoga in the park, amongst many other activities that keeps the residents of this area consistently entertained and creates a community within this neighborhood. 

At the Heart of Nashville's Music Industry sits Music Row, a neighborhood made up of recording studios, management offices, record labels and more. Music Row is where you can find the home to your favorite songs and artists. Thousands of visitors walk through these streets named after various artists like Roy Acuff and Chet Atkins with hopes of bumping into their favorite country stars. Music Row is home to Historic RCA Studio B which was a favorite recording studio to artists like Charlie Pride, Elvis Presley, and Dolly Parton. CHORD Real Estate calls Music Row home in a historic house that was previously owned by Marty Robbins.

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