Giving Back

CHORD Real Estate & The Greater Good of Community

The founders/partners and staff of CHORD Real Estate believe in more than just buying and selling properties. Their overall mission is deeply rooted in creating a harmonious community by actively participating and contributing towards its growth, welfare and betterment.
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Community Involvement

Empowering Local Businesses:
CHORD has consistently demonstrated their commitment to local businesses, offering numerous avenues for growth and collaboration. Recognizing the importance of local entrepreneurship, CHORD continually lends its support, advocating for a robust business community through their SHOP LOCAL campaigns, regional VIP Card program & other efforts.

Organizing and Participating in Community Events:
Whether it's sponsoring local sports teams, area schools, leading community clean-up initiatives or facilitating clothing drives, CHORD Real Estate's team is always on the frontline. They stand firm in their commitment to creating platforms that unite communities, enhance camaraderie, and establish a profound sense of belonging among its members.

School Infrastructure and Educational Grants:
For CHORD, education symbolizes the foundation for a promising future. With pride, they have provided grants to underserved schools in the community, aiming to alleviate financial burdens and ensure every aspiring mind has a platform to shine.

In collaboration with community schools, CHORD has spearheaded projects focusing on amplifying infrastructure, modernizing technology, and augmenting learning resources. Their investment in facilities and resources underscores their dedication to fostering an enriching educational environment with the hope to level the playing field for students of all financial backgrounds.

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Partnerships with Non-profits

Rallying for a Cause:
CHORD Real Estate's bond with the Rally Foundation is not just as partners but as dedicated advocates for childhood cancer research. Providing office space for Rally Foundation's Tennessee headquarters is just the beginning. The team at CHORD is actively engaged in the foundation’s fundraising events, underlining their dedication to making a difference in young lives.

Home for Everyone:
CHORD stands by the philosophy that every individual deserves a place they can call home. By partnering with non-profits, they've initiated projects aimed at providing housing solutions and resources for the homeless and underprivileged through their CHORD Cares and CHORD Kids programs that endeavor to uplift and support the community's most vulnerable. By partnering with non-profits that cater to the elderly, children in need, and distressed families, they envision a community where support and kindness reign supreme.

Individual Engagements:
The spirit of giving back runs deep in the CHORD family. Beyond the collective efforts of the firm, each team member at CHORD is actively involved in multiple non-profit endeavors, reflecting their individual passions and commitment to various causes.

For CHORD Real Estate, the realization of the power that businesses hold in shaping communities is clear. Their aim is to not just be leaders in the real estate domain, but to be vanguards in community development and integration. Together, they invite all to craft a future marked by unity, development, and endless prospects. Stand with CHORD in this journey of transformation!