12th South/Berry Hill

12 South is a beautiful residential neighborhood lined with shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, making it one of the most easily walkable areas in the city. Here you'll find local favorites like Frothy Monkey, Edley's BBQ, Draper James, and so much more making this area perfect for a morning stroll with your favorite coffee, an afternoon shopping spree, or date night. If you're looking to grab a photo with a Nashville mural, this is an area you won't want to miss. With several throughout the neighborhood including the “I Believe in Nashville” sign, 12 South is a must for your Instagram Feed. 

Berry Hill seems like it may be fully residential until you come across the hidden gems within this area. Although technically it's own city, this neighborhood is filled with local favorites like Nashville Jam Company, Designer Renaissance, and the Yellow Porch. You'll also find streets lined with picket fences covered in art of your favorite Nashville Icons – making this area a “must-see” for anyone looking to grab some artsy photos.

Around Town