November 6, 2017

To Outsource or Not to Outsource

Owning a small business can be gratifying, scary, exciting, terrifying and all emotions in between. When you decided to open your business, no matter the driving factor, your talent is what led the way. If you were good at making cabinets and knew you could provide better craftsmanship, service and pricing than your competition, the cabinet making was the starter. What you may not have realized, especially if you had worked with or for someone else, is the list of all those other pieces and parts that must fall into place to run a successful business (e.g. marketing, sales, social media, accounting, invoicing, management and many other talents/skills that are crucial). I am not saying you must be good at everything, but you do have to have good people that you know and trust assisting you at different levels.

Outsourcing is a large part of owning a business and knowing when to outsource can make or break you. If you are a single-person business currently outsourcing your marketing and bookkeeping, you must ask yourself, “When is the right time to add another person to help with the other pieces and parts?” If you are like most business owners, it’s a constant battle to determine what your time is worth. Could a professional streamline the process and allow more time for you to grow or retain current customers? What does that outline look like for you? Would outsourcing save you money in the long run? If you are shaking your head and thinking, “I really need to get a plan together for my business,” you are exactly the person I want to help!

One of the most often overlooked needs for a business owner is someone to take the stress out of finding a new location for your business. It seems easy to just drive around, see what is available, make a call, get a price and have them send over the lease or purchase agreement, right? Wrong! You deserve to have someone on your team, putting your interests first. There are a multitude of steps and negotiation tactics that can be used to help you save money and not settle for a space just because it had a sign and was available. The CHORD Commercial team looks at your business model, customer-base, growth potential and takes your current and potential future demographics into consideration to help narrow down and find the perfect spot for your business. Whether it be office, retail, medical or industrial, we can take the stress out of finding, negotiating and finalizing the lease or purchase of your new location.

After more than eleven years in the “Chamber” world, I have worked with and assisted many types of business owners, managers and employees. I believe that experience is what allows me to be more than a commercial real estate agent for my clients. I may not have all the answers (I'll be up front about that), but what I do have is an arsenal of talented commercial-specific professionals to help you with any piece of your business. Outsourcing is a key component for many successful business owners. If you need help deciding when and what to outsource, let our team be the first call you make!

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