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Which Way Do You Swing? (Your Golf Club That Is)

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, golf has experienced a huge boom in popularity. Social distancing guidelines and being outdoors aligned perfectly with the sport increasing the number of players, rounds played and apparel/club sales. With that comes a younger crowd putting their own spin on the game and how it’s played. […]

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Get ready for a sensory overload.  The Nashville version of Disneyland, because this could possibly be the happiest place in Nashville. Who doesn’t love Restoration Hardware? I know I do!! I have spent many hours in the previous location dreaming, planning and designing in my head.  The new location at […]

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WICKED SMAHT: 3 Takeaways from Harvard’s Negotiation and Leadership Program

I have to say I went into this program with low expectations. I suppose I am just used to the continuing education programs in my industry lacking quality, in-depth content. But, the folks at Harvard really lived up to their name. The course was engaging, the instructors were passionate and […]

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Tony’s Top 10 list of business reads for 2018 (that can make you appear smarter, richer and even a little more popular at parties).

Reading is essential - Jim Rohn

Hello friend and fellow reader. As we closed out the year (and took a minute to rest and reflect before hitting ‘reset’ to charge into 2018), I reviewed some of my favorite non-fiction reads from the past 12 months. Though I consumed many great books in 2017, this is my […]

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Home Looking Great Through Winter

It’s no secret winter can leave you feeling dreary and cheerless, but keeping your home looking its very best should help keep those feelings at bay and minimize the work you must do in early Spring. With just a few easy steps, you can continue to enjoy the look of […]

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