Justin Dohrmann


Justin Dohrmann is what we call in this region… a “unicorn” of sorts!  He was born AND raised right here in Nashville, and given the melting pot of Music City, we just don’t come across that many actually born and raised here.  People come from all ends of the earth, but local graduates seem to want to fly the “coop.”  Justin on the other hand, while still working toward his undergraduate degree, has set his sights on the ever-exploding real estate market here in Middle Tennessee.  He is uniquely positioned to serve with a major in Finance, concentration in Real Estate and minor in Business Administration… all of which has quickly begun to prove handy as he explores many ways to assist the agency’s broker as well as our clientele.

Prior to transferring to MTSU, Justin started his educational career at the University of Alabama on scholarship as a member of the famed “Million Dollar Band.”  As with many, 2020 proved not only eye-opening, but also helped Justin laser focus on how he wants to approach a career in Real Estate.  He consistently points to the multiple examples set before him throughout his life by both of his grandfathers who each worked hard and used real estate as a key source of investment opportunity.  When asked to summarize lessons he learned from his grandfathers and other mentors as well as the ups & downs of 2020, Justin shared: “They taught me that the boundaries of my potential are way beyond what I had thought.  There is also significant value in showing up each day to work hard, invest well and ultimately use my resources to not only create a life I want, but also make other people’s lives better all along the way… and that has truly become my goal.”    

The CHORD Nashville Team is pleased to have Justin in his current role as Showing Assistant, and we look forward to seeing him build his career right here in his hometown!