October 2, 2017

Hunter & June Co.

It's our job at CHORD, not only to give you the ultimate real estate experience (sans the headache), but also to be there for you after you've settled into your new space. Whether that be helping you find the best local restaurants and shops, or maybe you just need a reliable recommendation for a nearby service. Which is why we are excited to bring you “CHORD'S Pick of the Week”! Once a week we will be picking one of our FAVORITE local businesses, and we are gonna tell you why!

Our first weekly pick features Nashville's newest chic pup attire company,
Hunter & June!

To our “dog moms and dads” you're sure to fall in love with these uniquely designed pieces! As our favorite time of year approaches and the temperatures begin to cool, many of us are spending more time outside with our fur babies. If you aren't regularly walking your pup, your “blush cotton rope leash (or the indigo ombre for our boys) will be an excellent excuse!
The ever so lovely Kalina Stormer (also founder of Top Knotted) and her husband Pete believe that good quality and beautiful designs should go hand-in-hand. And boy they've knocked it out of the park here! Our team at CHORD is full of puppy LOVERS, a few a bit more extreme than others. One of our CHORD rescue pups Patsy Cline is a proud owner of the blush cotton rope leash, and recently purchased the infinity scarf in charcoal for the cold wintery months. We know we've got some serious “dog mom” clients, and we hope you find something you love for your sweet pup too!
FUN FACT: They offer FREE shipping on all US orders over $49! As well as 10% off your next order for subscribing to their email list, YES please!! Visit

Hunter & June– a nod to the past and the present, the purebred and the rescue, to all the animals that deserve the very best for being part of our lives.

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