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What began as a story of a traveler from Israel has turned into a 15+ year relationship with the USA!  Ornit “Oreo” Aroni quickly fell in love with this country and how well her work ethic and personal approach to business connected at every level.  After building a successful retail-based company here in the “States", Oreo added real estate into the mix and learned what a game changer owning real estate can be.  
It didn’t take long for her to see the potential of how she could use her experience and know-how to help others achieve their dreams through owning real estate; and that’s exactly what she’s done.  In a relatively short period of time, Oreo is now a licensed Realtor helping others, a proud U.S. citizen and experiencing her very own American Dream! 
Oreo speaks Hebrew, English and Spanish (always learning) and is at the ready to help people from far and wide to navigate their path to owning and investing in real estate.  When asked, she said that she LOVES: "to be the one to help you find your first or forever home where you can build the life you desire, whether that be to grow children, to invest or simply to grow older within, whatever the case may be, I am at the ready to be your advocate and guide!”  CHORD Real Estate is proud to offer the services of Oreo as she embodies the very essence and nature of CHORD!

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