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It is often said that no one is actually FROM Nashville, but not so when it comes to our very own Nakesha “Kesha” Foster who grew up in a bedroom community just outside the city. Kesha has seen first-hand the development and growth of our extraordinary town and is committed to sharing her insights in the region as well as the many opportunities available in real estate.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Kesha married and moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where her husband has now played in the NFL for over 10 years. After several years working in banking in PA, she and her husband started a family and decided to make Middle TN their permanent home; they ultimately landed in Nashville’s “North Shore” of Hendersonville. Kesha said, “My husband and I quickly realized how much we missed living in Tennessee and financially how impactful the value of owning real estate can mean to our family’s long term goals.
My passion is helping people experience the independence owning real estate can provide… whether buying their first home or multiple homes for investment… it is a thrill to be a true resource for long term good!”
When she’s not showing houses or negotiating agreements, Kesha spends her time with her family usually watching or playing some sort of sport, whether that is baseball, soccer, football or basketball… it is no overstatement to say that they are all avid lovers of sports. When asked about any other interests and possibly a quote to sum up her focus, Kesha said, “The summer and spring time in Tennessee are my favorite seasons as I enjoy soaking up the sun as much and as often as I can while reading a good book or keeping up with the ever changing news outlets. I’m a believer of family first and love the idea of helping a family or individual with their housing search, whether it is their first home, forever home or anything in between.
I pride myself on knowing the small details about everything that I do, and it is very personal to me to make sure all the small details are laid out. Hope to be in touch with you soon.”

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