July 19, 2018

9 reasons you may NOT want to hire me as your real estate agent

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You’re probably thinking this is some sort of ‘reverse psychology’ post and that I’m going to try to talk you into using me as your real estate agent. Nothing could be further from the truth. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I’m not a perfect fit agent for every person, because there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ agent.

So, without further ado, here are the 9 reasons you may NOT want to hire me as your real estate agent:

1. You're an agent

Yes, I know, this is the most obvious and valid reason, but it needed to be on this list because I know there will be agents who read this post. If you're an agent (or if you're married to one), you probably don't need my help. And if you are in fact an agent I commend you for taking the time to read the CHORD blog… that in and of itself makes you cooler than your friends.

2. You saw a photo of my mug online somewhere and you think I look like a movie star… thus everywhere we go we'll be hounded by paparazzi and groupies wanting to take a selfie

There is simply no truth to this one, and the only person who has ever wanted to take a selfie with me is my wife… who if you do meet will probably want to take a selfie with you!

3. You need an agent you can talk with about sports

Ok… you got me on this one!  I’m not a sports guy unless you count martial arts as a sport, and if so you and I are going to be friends. I have nothing against sports… I simply enjoy being a spectator, but if you’re wanting someone who can spew out player stats, historical game scores and whoever the best coaches are in the league, I’m not that guy. Hey, I think I’m still pretty good on a skateboard or in-line skates… for whatever that’s worth.

4. You don't want help with building a new home from a person who used to work for a home builder and has more experience than the average agent in doing such transactions

New home construction can be a long emotional journey; I know this because I used to work with a builder.  Often the person (or people) who happily sign the contract at the beginning are not the same people you thought you knew by the time the house is finished. I’ve seen new construction bring out the worst in people. Oh, the horror. But you probably don’t need someone who can successfully navigate you through the infested new construction waters.

5. You like Star Trek vs. Star Wars

For the record I have nothing against Star Trek; I used to watch it as a kid… it’s one of my earliest memories of intergalactic sci-fi and wishing I could meet a being from another planet. But the first time I sat in a movie theater in the Spring of 1977 to see Star Wars, I was hooked, enamored, and have never in my life before or since wished that a movie world existed more than that Star Wars universe I experienced on the silver screen. If you’re a Trekkie, maybe you can tell me about some of your favorite episodes, or better yet school me and teach me something I don’t know about the Star Trek universe… I’m totally open to that.

6. You want to prove that you are better at marketing a home than my team @ CHORD

Ah… be careful with this one my friend. It's easy to mistake what you see one real estate agent do as what all real estate agents do. This is not the case at CHORD. First off, let's go back into the past lives of the team I get to work with. We have seasoned marketing professionals whose experience spans from global music and entertainment brands to professional homebuilders. And we even threw in an Internet Technology guru for good measure. Our proactive marketing (and the unmatched “CHORD Experience” in general) has received rave accolades with a LONG list of happy clients. That being said, if you can, in fact, convince me that you can market a home better than the CHORD team, I want to hire YOU to teach me a thing or two.

7. You hate meeting new people and you'd rather spend hours on the Internet trying to learn how to buy or sell a home on your own than go through the torture of living through the first few awkward minutes of meeting me for the first time

OK… I gotta say this would have been my Dad's perfect excuse. Let's get one thing straight, I'm not that bad. Now, you may be thinking that as a real estate agent I'm the quintessential people person and I go out every night to meet more people, because I want to know people and just love being out there meeting folks. No, that isn't me. It may surprise you to learn that I'm an introvert… and an ever-recovering awkward person. I, too, get nervous meeting new people; it just doesn't come naturally. That being said… I love to help people, and that's why I do what I do.

8. You want a real estate agent who is smarter, younger, and/or better looking than me

Check the CHORD team roster on this one, I guarantee we’ve got you covered.

9. You absolutely trust no one, and you don’t want to pay a commission… so no matter what I say you won't hire me or anyone else as your real estate agent

I got nothin’… but do keep me in mind, should you get frustrated trying the DIY approach and if none of the above applies, I’m your guy.

But seriously folks, I’m here to serve, and if for some reason (including any one of the above) we’re not a good fit, I’d be happy to help you find an agent that fits your needs. Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you gotta do is call.

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