July 10, 2021

You’ve Gotta Go Get Your Bag – Bag Lady’s

Whether you want Loaded Chicken Nachos, Philly Cheesesteak, or Hot Chicken Tenders…. You’ve gotta go get your bag!


Bag Lady’s is a Nashville local food truck founded and owned by James Littleton. Littleton has expressed that he has always been hustling and has always been “chasing a bag.” But now that he’s a father, that drive has become laser focused on creating an unbelievable eating experience for the people of Nashville.


The truck features a diverse set of menu items including modern spins on southern soul-food classics, along with everything from Greek to Mexican food means there is something for everyone at Bag Lady’s. Which made it a truly special addition to our 4th of July Fireworks Pre-Party line-up, and with Littleton’s love of his family in mind, he generously agreed to donate a large percentage of his sales for the day to Rally Foundation.


If you would like to find Bag Lady’s menu, schedule, or contact info for private events, it can all be found here:


Justin Dohrmann, Showing Assistant

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