April 5, 2020

What is Open during ‘Safe at Home’ Order

If you’re wondering where you are allowed to go during the quarantine we’ve put together some information so you can make the most effective and efficient trips out of the house! 

As many of us are already aware, places like grocery stores, food banks, and pharmacies, are open. Outside of your regular grocery store, don’t forget about places like Big Lots and Bargain Hunt where you can also find food and toiletries, as well as clothing and home décor. Most restaurants are offering to go and delivery options, be sure to give them a call or check online to see where and how you can get their food.

Veterinary services, pet food stores, gas stations, auto repair shops, auto sales dealerships, bike repair, and supply shops, hardware and other home-supply stores and home repair services, banks and laundry and dry cleaning services are also still open. If you are someone who is continuing to work, there are child care facilities that have remained open as long as rules limiting the size and composition of the groups are followed. Residential care facilities for adults, children and seniors will remain open as will other nonprofits that serve the needy. Cannabis dispensaries are open. Many of us have also taken this time to catch up on projects around the house, you will be happy to hear that electricians, plumbers, exterminators and sanitation workers can continue working. Arborists, landscapers, gardeners, and similar service professionals can work as well.

If you are going stir crazy or need to take your child or pet outside for bit, many outdoor recreation areas including parks, beaches, and other recreational spaces are open but must comply with restrictions such as maintaining 6 feet between visitors. Some parks have chosen to close but there are still many that remain open. Residential real estate services including brokers, title agents and home tours can continue, but tours must be limited to no more than one tour guide and two visitors from the same household. If travel is absolutely necessary to you, airports, taxis, rental car companies, rideshare services remain open but only for essential travel. If you are one of the many Americans that have lost their job during this time you will find it helpful that businesses that help workers find jobs at essential businesses can stay open.

Businesses that remain open are now required to post guidelines visible to the public and employees on keeping people 6 feet apart, including while standing in line outside and cleaning practices. There are no specific limitations on the number of people allowed inside but people must stay 6 feet apart.

We know this is a strange time but take heart in the fact that we are all in this together and you will be able to get everything you need that is essential to you and your family.


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