August 3, 2019

Vik’s Views – Studio 154

Experiencing & Selling Nashville – Rooftop to Rooftop

Welcome to Vik’s Views – A corner of CHORD’s newsletter highlighting Nashville’s incredible neighborhoods from up high! Nashville has so many fantastic rooftops, and my goal this summer is to visit as many as possible!

It doesn’t take long to find a bachelorette party when you are on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville these days. I usually try avoid the “woo girls” that descend on our city each weekend but this time I went looking for a crazy fun group of gals! I couldn’t wait to meet up with one super special bride-to-be, my Chicagoland bestie (the matron of honor) and 9 more friends who made the trip from Illinois! I was ready for their Nash Bash decorations and Bride Tribe festivities but what I didn’t expect was the incredible rooftop where they were staying. Outstanding views? Velvet Skull Chairs? Wow! Welcome to the Studio 154 Luxury Hotel & Sky Deck.

The whole experience was amazing and also super techy. You’ll need a reservation & your smart phone in order to access the hidden elevator off of 2nd Avenue smack dab in the middle of the Nashville night life. There are surprises around every corner of this boutique hotel & when I stepped out onto the Sky Deck it stopped me in my tracks. Beautifully appointed, funky decor with a rare double-sided view of not only the Cumberland River & Titans stadium but also a view of the iconic “Batman Building”.

As we stood up there, sipping and taking the best photos of the trip, several of my Chicago girl gang started dreaming about moving to Nashville. I laughed and encouraged them to take the leap – move to the best city in the South! Like them, are you looking for Urban living at its best in the heart of Nashville? There are some incredible options within steps of the 154 Sky Deck offering similar views. There is currently a listing for a private penthouse on 3rd Ave. complete with its own protected and un-obstructed indoor/outdoor rooftop deck. I’d be honored to set up a showing to show you this outstanding birds eye view!

Please follow my new Instagram page @viksviews for featured rooftop listings or reach out directly to set up a consultation!

Also, if you have a favorite rooftop that I just can’t miss, please let me know! See you at the top!

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