October 1, 2020

Vik’s Views – Rooftops are Reopening!



Welcome to Vik’s Views – a corner of the CHORD Newsletter highlighting Nashville’s incredible neighborhoods from up high! This month’s Downtown rooftop comes with a bird’s eye view of Broadway!

As we enter Fall in Nashville, rooftop living is at an all-time high due to the beautiful weather and the extra level of safety that outdoor tourism provides Nashville visitors during this time. CHORD often works with out-of-town clients who are drawn to Music City for its world-class entertainment and downtown experience. As a concierge, boutique brokerage, we can and do arrange our out-of-town clients’ accommodations and social outings for their weekend of house hunting with us! I love getting to know my clients over a cocktail, and TC Restaurant Group’s Nashville offerings are some of the best places to do it.

I had the pleasure of attending FGL House’s reopening on Thursday, September 17th and caught up with Adriana Orsini about all the action! Adriana is the Assistant Director of Marketing for the TC Restaurant Group. TC Restaurant Group is an innovative restaurant and hospitality business with multiple venues in Nashville, Pittsburgh, and Columbus. They partners with some of the biggest stars in country music to bring world-class entertainment and dining to Nashville’s visitors.

According to their website, whether it’s dancing on the Cruise Rooftop at FGL House, hearing an edgy country band at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, getting a picture under the aerial hanging truck at Luke’s 32 Bridge, or checking out the memorabilia at Sun Diner while enjoying the Chicken N' Waffles, TC Restaurant Group creates unique entertainment destinations and continues to revolutionize the restaurant experience.

I sat down with Adriana to talk about how the past six months have looked for TC Restaurant Group, what they’re looking forward to in the future, and the steps they’ve taken to open with great care for the health and safety of their patrons.

“It’s nice to see life in the city again… and see the neons spinning.”

TC Restaurant Group is comprised of seven Nashville properties, most of which sport spacious rooftops that lend themselves to social distancing and comfort. Adriana talked about the staff being so excited to get back to work and to create a safe environment for fun. Adriana says TC Restaurant Group is “following absolutely every guideline to a T” and it was evident during my time there. “We have the space on our rooftops to socially distance to have people in here comfortably and to have them feel safe but still out here having fun!”

TC Restaurant Group is working to “find the line between getting the city moving forward and doing it as safely as [they] can.” As of the time I spoke with Adriana, the city is allowing 50 people per floor and rooftops are open until 11 PM. During my time at FGL House and viewing all of their properties, I felt safe and secure. I saw hand sanitizer stations on main floors, masks on all employees, and tables were set farther apart.

It was my first visit downtown since February, and hearing live music wafting in the background as I ate a delish Hot Chicken Salad, it felt like the Downtown Nashville I know and love. If you’re looking to make Nashville home, let me treat you to a cocktail on a TC Restaurant Group rooftop and we will map out the path to your Music City Dream House!

Huge thanks to my friend Katie for giving be a behind-the-scenes tour of TC Restaurant Group’s Nashville properties! Follow me on @ViksViews on Instagram for more rooftop views and email me at to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment to talk about your buying and/or selling needs!

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