January 3, 2018

Spring Haven – An Opportunity filled with History, Beauty and Love

I have lived in Hendersonville for just over twelve years, and in that time have come to love and cherish this lakeside community to the north of Nashville. Don’t get me wrong, Nashville is and always will be what drew me to Tennessee, but Hendersonville provides a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle that defines Music City.

What some people don’t realize is the rich history we house within our county. We have some of the most beautiful and interesting historical sites in our region. The Sumner County Tourism site ( states, “Sumner County paints a vivid picture of life during the post-Revolutionary War and Civil War periods. Sumner County is fortunate to have eight historic homes and two fort sites that are open to the public. You'll be able to stand in rooms where Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, and other founding fathers of our country had dinner, planned strategies and danced the night away.”

While all of our historic homes are stunning, I am partial to one because it is owned by friends and where my husband and I got married. Spring Haven Mansion is a privately-owned historic plantation used today for weddings, events and short-term rentals. The history of the land dates to 1786 when Henry Turney was given 640 acres as one of the first settlers of Fort Nashborough. When Daniel Smith and James Sanders came to survey the Tennessee boundaries, land that would become Hendersonville was given as payment for their work. James’ brother Edward purchased 200 acres of land from Turney and became the first person to live on the land known today as Spring Haven.

He built the cabin in 1800 and then in 1818, after falling ill, his eldest daughter fell in love with his doctor John P. Wagnon. They married, purchased some of the land and built the original six-room structure that is now Spring Haven Mansion. Dr. Wagnon was the friend and doctor of Andrew Jackson. Jackson spent time at Spring Haven and since it and the Hermitage were built at virtually the same time, there are many similarities that are easy to see. (For a complete history, please visit

My husband and I had the privilege of meeting the owners of Spring Haven about 8 years ago and to say they are friends would be a huge understatement. Their passion and appreciation of the history and opportunities with Spring Haven have been fun to watch. The reputation of Spring Haven has flourished under their direction, and many love stories have gotten their start on those grounds. They have built an amazing business and have become a community resource for events, celebrity photo shoots, songwriter showcases and so much more. They are now looking for their next adventure, and I am looking for the buyer who can keep and expand Spring Haven’s reach.

The Mansion itself is truly a step back in time. You can envision the owner of the home sitting in the music room while the children entertain him and his wife. The gentlemen’s parlor (currently used as an Owner's Retreat) is complete with its ornate fireplace and rich, dark color that must have set the tone all those years ago for business which would have then be handled after dinner by the men over brandy and cigars. Each room presents beautifully with a purpose and story just waiting to be shared.

The business opportunity at Spring Haven is now available for the right entrepreneur with a heart and passion for events, short term rentals and/or many other options. If you have an interest in owning your own piece of history and running a successful business, Spring Haven just may be the perfect fit.

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