SAVE up to $1000 OFF your next closing with CHORD® in 2021* or we’ll donate in your name to Rally Foundation-Nashville

SHOP LOCAL campaign at heart

It would seem that everyone has been impacted at some level by the events of 2020. From economics to matters of life & death, few entered into 2021 unscathed. The CHORD® Nashville Team is proud to present one small way that we can come alongside our fellow Tennesseans in 2021 that will also help promote hard-hit local businesses and a very special charity, Rally Foundation-Nashville, which raises funding and awareness of groundbreaking childhood cancer research right here in our own community.

Highlighted Local Businesses
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SHOP LOCAL campaign rules explained

*The rules are relatively simple:

  1. Shop at locally-owned businesses in the calendar year of 2021 & keep your receipts (totaling up to $1000).
  2. Hire The CHORD® Nashville Team to represent you in the purchase (or listing/sale) of a home, land and/or commercial property in the Middle Tennessee region.
  3. Submit up to $1000 of your 2021 receipts from locally-owned businesses at least one week prior to closing to initially qualify for the matching payment (up to $1000).
  4. The purchase or sale does not have to close in 2021 to qualify, but the transaction must be officially contracted by end of business on 12/31/21. A qualified transaction for this campaign is based upon a minimum 6% brokerage commission structure (which includes both sides at 3%). Transactions with a negotiated reduced commission to CHORD® will not qualify for SHOP LOCAL campaign payments.
  5. CHORD Real Estate LLC® will match up to $1000 of submitted/qualified receipts in the form of a commission reduction to the client or a donation written to Rally Foundation-Nashville in honor of the client.
  6. In such case where TN law and/or other regulations prohibit such reductions made to clients, CHORD® will donate the qualified amount (up to $1000) to Rally Foundation-Nashville in the honor of the client. Clients may elect to waive their reductions; qualified amount will then be made to Rally Foundation-Nashville in the honor of the client. CHORD Real Estate LLC® reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time without notice as they deem necessary to stay in accordance with laws and regulations.