August 1, 2020

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Looking for an excuse to cool off from this brutal summer heat with your favorite frozen treat?! Well look no further because August 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! Here's some ideas whether you want to stay home and social distance or go to favorite local place!

  1. Make your own

    Go online to get ideas for new ice cream sandwich creations. Head to your local grocery store to buy the ingredients and get down to business. Most importantly, make that sandy with love! Here's our favorite…

  2. Visit your local ice cream shop

    There's nothing better than scarfing down an ice cream sandwich in a cute, little ice cream shop. Relive your childhood by enjoying a crispy, cool ice cream sandwich in a jewel of an old-fashioned ice cream parlour and escape our high tech world for just a little while. If you're near downtown Nashville we just found the BEST gourmet ice cream sandwich shop, The Baked Bear! Check it out & prepare to be STUFFED!

  3. Give an ice cream sandwich to someone you love

    The only thing better than eating ice cream is eating ice cream with the ones you love! It's a really simple way to show you care and make memories that last a lifetime!.


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