November 5, 2017

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Why I LOVE living in Nashville, Tennessee!

Each week I feature a different Nashville Hot Spot that I personally visit. THE Nash-Vegas “Who's-Who” for a Breakfast-Lunch Combo… The BEST meal ever created in my humble opinion: BRUNCH. This meal has become an event to look forward to on the weekends, and with several years experience in the catering and restaurant business, I've enjoyed hosting many brunches of my own with delights such as French Toast Bread Pudding with Maple Sauce,  Candied Bacon, varieties of Quiche and gourmet soups.  My own wedding reception was even a Brunch Theme which was so much fun. I hope to share with you the places I visit so that you can then go experience for yourself with family and friends and enjoy all that Nashville has to offer.

I fondly remember special brunches as a little girl – one in particular where as a 5 year old I indulged in a giant blueberry muffin while sitting in the lap of my great Aunt Ann.  It was not the average out-of-a-package blueberry muffin, but the made-from-scratch, crumbly-topped, bursting-fresh blueberry flavor kind sitting in a window-filled sunroom in a hotel restaurant in Santa Barbara, California.

As an adult I now love to visit the best of the best.  I feel pampered whenever I have brunch.  It's a special time for me… an experience and not just a meal.  I've had the most delectable Eggs Benedict Scramble served on a fresh buttery croissant with scrambled eggs, delicious Whisky Bloody Mary, Bruschetta that is out-of-this world “smack-your-mama amazing” and so much other deliciousness that I just have to share!  In this blog we will experience and explore the “Joy of Brunch”, but especially the food enjoyed on the weekends with girlfriends, your love or your family (not just on Sunday) – Nashville Brunches.



Chef Daniel Lindley

I was joined by 2 lovely ladies this week and we were excited to explore this Germantown-Nashville Hot Spot.  Entering the converted warehouse space (designed by Owner/Chef), we were greeted with a pleasant mix of modern and industrial style.  The seating was set in a large open concept to encourage a sense of community among the guests.  A life-size sculpture floats over the Dining Room paying tribute to General Francis Nash, Nashville's namesake.


Fresh Fruit-Plate with Whisky Bloody Mary and Pork Benedict, Gimlet with House Burger & Mimosa with Bagel Bread and Locks – all coupled with the House Cheesy Grits for the Table to Share.

It is customary for friends to share and try all of the plates at our table.  I will say that each bite of Pork Benedict was savored; and unlike a traditional bread-based Benedict, it's low-carb friendly as the base is 2 small fried shredded pork cakes. Perfectly poached eggs and house made Hollandaise sauce completed the tower of goodness. Our whole table was pleased with the selections. 5th and Taylor is highly recommended, especially the Cheesy Grits!! Visit 5th & Taylor -1411 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208.

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Tracy Johanneson
November 30, 2017 at 9:13 pm


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