October 3, 2019

Mellow Mushsroom’s Rooftop Views

Experiencing & Selling Nashville – Rooftop to Rooftop

Welcome to Vik’s Views – A corner of CHORD’s newsletter highlighting Nashville’s incredible neighborhoods from up high! Nashville has so many fantastic rooftops, and with the cooler evenings of autumn fast approaching, it is the perfect time to experience Nashville from the top!

My latest rooftop adventure was a part of an amazing girls' night out – we were some of the lucky few with tickets to see Sheryl Crow last week at the Ryman! Of course, this meant that we needed to hit a downtown rooftop before the show…but which one?!  My friend Jo suggested Mellow Mushroom and it was a perfect pre-show location.  It’s just steps from the back entrance to the Mother Church of Country music, not too crowded, has great views both up & down Broadway AND a killer vibe.  Plus the ‘Shroom has a ton of funky & eclectic art around the multi-level bar & restaurant – we sat next to the life-sized statue of Woody from Toy Story. (Woody is my husband’s nickname so it was great for a laugh.)

I hadn’t been perched up on this side of Broadway for a while and it didn't disappoint…and for a Tuesday night the streets were popping.  My friend snapped this photo before the show – I barely stood still because I was so excited to get to see one of my all-time favorite artists…and man did Sheryl ever bring it.  Emmy Lou Harris even made a special appearance.  You never know who may grace the stages in Nashville and that is one of my favorite parts of listening live and local!  Also – I realized later that most Nashvillians only think of the Mellow Mushroom near Vandy – but don’t miss the one downtown!

The short walk to the Ryman got me thinking about our great city & its walkability so I decided to run a report showing properties within a 5-minute walk of the venue.  There are currently 52 listings that will have you smack dab in the heart of country music.  They range from a 600 square ft 1 bedroom studio for $306K on up to a 6 Million dollar penthouse at the 505 building complete with parking for 6 vehicles and everything in between.  With interest rates low and the Nashville Urban buzz at an all-time high – it’s the perfect time to think about a purchase.

I’d love to buy you a slice at the Mellow Mushroom where you’ll get a birds-eye view showing the endless possibilities and then help you find the downtown space of your dreams!

Please follow my new Instagram page @viksviews for rooftop listings and if you have a favorite rooftop that I just can’t miss, please let me know!

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