May 30, 2020

Make Nashville

2020 is undeniably the year of DIY and we have found the perfect way for you to take your skills to the next level! Make Nashville is Nashville’s premier Makerspace…featuring a woodshop, metal shop, automotive shop, and even 3D printing all available at your disposal! Have you ever seen something on TV, a magazine, or a store and think, ‘I could make that!’ If you’re like me, then this is your daily thought 😀 Well, Make Nashville can help make that thought a reality.

What I love most is that Make Nashville is a volunteer-led organization whose mission is to transform lives by providing the tools, education, and support needed to make amazing things. This is such a unique opportunity being provided to our community. You are welcome to visit anytime; however, if you want 24 access use to all their tools and equipment you can get a membership, which start at just $35/month! Don’t be worried if you don’t know exactly how to create what you are dreaming up in your head or how to use all the tools- Make Nashville provides training on a regular basis for all areas of the makerspace. They also offer a variety of classes for specific crafts that you can attend, learn, and then implement into your own projects. These classes include welding, laser cutting, plasma cutting, 3D creation and printing, and more!

During COVID-19 there are some limitations to what is available; however, Make Nashville is also using their facility to create masks and other items in order to help keep our community safe-  which you can volunteer for today to come and help with.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of check out Make Nashville and start creating!

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