Jean Eskew


Originally from the small town of Flora, Illinois, Jean Eskew began her sales/service-based career in the staffing industry where she coined her motto approach to life AND work: “PERSEVERANCE… pure and simple.”  Those words proved pivotal as she climbed the corporate ladder and ultimately made the radical decision to jump into the world of entrepreneurship.  Through it all, she was recruited from Illinois to Iowa and for a period of time in western Tennessee where she discovered her love of all things real estate.

Having studied in the Business Administration program of Eastern Illinois Community College as well as numerous other courses, Jean loved to learn and knew how to apply business principals to everyday life.  Once in Tennessee she worked day and night to transition to the brave new world of real estate and become a true student of the market.  Doing things half way was never her style, and she was determined to be the expert.  

Jean secured her Realtor® license in 2000, moved to Nashville and has become a strategic ally to investors, buyer and sellers.  In addition to representing an extensive list of clients, Jean has built her own investor business serving as realtor, investor and project manager of numerous projects each year.  Jean would say she wears MANY hats, and sometimes even serves as quasi-designer for the home flips and other building projects she oversees.  Jean truly is prepared to serve her clients through every step of the process… not just with her signature wit and wisdom, but also with hard work seeing each project through to the end just as her motto states… with PERSEVERANCE… pure and simple!