July 10, 2021

Freedom Did Sing…And It Broke Records!

Freedom Did Indeed Sing…And It Broke Records

After the long, strange year that was 2020 there is a very palpable feeling among people to travel, see loved ones and celebrate. Over the past few months, talk has swirled that this year’s Independence Day celebration was slated to be one of the largest in Nashville’s history and boy did it deliver. Nashville city officials estimate that 350,000 people attended Nashville's Let Freedom Sing! Music City July Fourth bash on Sunday. This shatters the previous attendance record from 2019 by 7,000 people!

The Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp reported that since the 2020 festivities were cancelled there were extra shells which allowed this year’s show to include over 65,000 fireworks making it one of (if not THE) top 4th of July fireworks shows in the country. Not only did attendees get an incredible visual experience the fireworks display was enhanced with a live performance by the Grammy-Winning Nashville Symphony. The event was headlined by Brad Paisley who gave a free concert which kicked off an evening of fun as well as marked the official re-opening of Nashville and the live music scene.

If you weren’t able to join the 4th of July fun this year don’t worry, next year is sure to be just as amazing and we hope to see you there!


Katie Prendeville, Affiliate Broker

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