June 1, 2018

CHORD Cooks – Summer Fun Fiesta

CHORD Cooks Summer Fun Fiesta Recipes are sure to be a big hit this summer and become some of your all time friends and family faves.  These recipes can be used stand alone, combined for fabulous appetizers or used as side dishes paired with your favorite fresh beverages or grilled meats.

The Mexican Street Corn is a crowd favorite around our summer table. Fresh lime juice and cilantro complete this amazing side dish but it should not only be considered a traditional side. Corn is at its peak at the Farmers Market mid-late summer and can be served as a fresh appetizer with adult beverages or non- alcoholic drinks. Even with such easy prep, you'll be the pool-side hero and everyone will be talking about how yummy it is.

The Sweet Pepper Poppers are a “new take” on the traditional jalapeno poppers usually fried in a deep fryer and filled with cream or cheddar cheese.  These multi-colored sweet peppers are filled with goat and ricotta cheese and baked in the oven, so they are a healthier version of the original poppers. The bread crumbs give them a crunch without the guilt, which is always a good thing in swimsuit season. This recipe doesn't compromise the health factor or flavor.

Everyone has a Guacamole recipe, but this “BEST GUACAMOLE” doesn't disappoint.  The fresh cilantro and lime juice make this dish. Summer is a great time to find a good deal on seasonal avocados. Picking out the best avocados can be a challenge in the grocery store, so to be sure these little fruits will be in their prime when you bring them home, pop off the little core on the end. If its green, its good to go. If it's brown, its overly ripe and you need to move on to another. Also if they are super mushy, they may be brown inside which isn't the tastiest version of this special little fruit.

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